Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 12 - Unit 4: The star school

Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 12 - Unit 4: The star school

Read the text and find out words which mean :

A combination of smoke and fog :

Very small pieces :

Methane ( a kind of gas ) :

Inhale :

Chiefly :

Food for plants :


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THE STAR SCHOOLENGLISH 12 UNIT 4Pre-reading activity We are going to read a text about air pollutionTell your classmates what you know about air pollution. i.e. Smoke from vehicles cause air pollution . . .If you don’t know much about air pollution so what questions you would like to ask. i.e. What causes air pollution ?. . .While reading activityRead the text and find out words which mean :A combination of smoke and fog :Very small pieces :Methane ( a kind of gas ) :Inhale :Chiefly :Food for plants :smogparticlesmarsh gasbreathe inmainlyfertilizersCauses :Let substance escape into the air :A thin fog :A smell usually unpleasant one :Polluted, made dirty :Take place, happen :Steam : account forreleasemistodorcontaminatedoccurvaporComprehension checkA. True - False or not stated :1. Clean air provide us with a healthy supply of oxygen 2. One example of air pollution is forest fires3. Air pollution comes mainly from vehicles4. Nitric oxide is a highly poisonous gas5. A lot of petrol contains lead, which is very poisonous 6. Smog is a combination of fog and smoke7. There is too much carbon dioxide in the air these days8. Industrial smoke stacks throw out sulphur and carbon dioxide9. Burning coal and oil releases other gases harmless to humans10.Burning garbage and paper wastes also pollutes the airB. Are you sure you read well ?1. When wastes are poured into the _____ the air becomes _____ and unpleasant to _____ . This is ______ .2. Examples of air pollution are ____ , ____ , and ____ .3. Large amount of air pollution comes from _____.4. _____ also account for air pollution. Another tailpipe emission is _____ .5. Lead and smoke are emitted in _____ as _____ . 6. Smog also occurs in the atmosphere when _____ and _____ combine under the influence of _____ .7. Industrial smoke stacks throw out _____ and _____ .8. Burning oil and coal also releases ______ harmful to _____ .9. ______ is produced in the manufactured of _____ and _____ .10. Dangerous chemicals can be released from ______ or ______C. Answer the questions1. What is air pollution ?2. What two gasses occur in the air naturally ?3. What are some sources of air pollution in the cities ?4. How do vehicles pollute the air in cities ? 5. Is lead harmful to our health ? Why ?6. Where can smog be found ?7. What does sulphur dioxide combined with water vapor and oxygen turn into ?8. Why do burning gases and paper wastes pollute the air ?

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